HuonFM Tech News & Blues 23 Nov 2009


The Webby Awards

Google Earth 2 for iPhone

JungleDisk 3

Aptana Web Development

Call of Duty

Playlist – Links to Performances Included

Title Artist Album

Highway to Hell

Angry Anderson & Sarah McLeod

Rockwiz Duets

You Got to Love Somebody

Christine Anu and Joe Camilleri

Rockwiz Duets


Vika Bull & Dave Larkin

Rockwiz Duets

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

Rebecca Bernard & Tim Rogers

Rockwiz Duets

Take Me To The River

Nessa Morgan & Ross Wilson

Rockwiz Duets

Henry Lee

Renee Geyer & Roman Tucker

Rockwiz Duets

Islands in the Stream

Troy Cassar-Daley & Ella Hooper

Rockwiz Duets

Slave to Love

Dan Kelly & Martha Wainwright

Rockwiz Duets

My Boyfriend’s Back

Chris Bailey & Kat Spazzy

Rockwiz Duets


Mia Dyson & James Reyne

Rockwiz Duets

Summer Wine

Clare Bowditch & Ed Kuepper

Rockwiz Duets

Me and Bobby McGee

Mark Seymour & Felicity Urquhart

Rockwiz Duets

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Dave Faulkner & Holly Throsby

Rockwiz Duets


Norah Jones

The Fall

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