Yummy, yummy, yummy

Continuing in the theme of Mac apps that are just so good . . .

I was attempting to download a copy of a web site recently to work on it. Everything I tried kept giving up with timeouts, etc. in such a way that it was a dreadful task knowing in which sub-sub-folder to restart. I suspect the problems were caused by a combination of my satellite-based ISP (I live in the boonies), and the site itself. Anyway, it was a disaster all around.

Anyhoo, along comes YummyFTP. Such an excellent application, and so tenacious in trying and re-trying in the case of error, with no stupid dialog boxes telling me it was having trouble, just a log entry that I could monitor if I so chose. The website was successfully downloaded in no time. Suffice it to say, I’ve purchased the app.

Now if I could only find a Mac HTTP/HTTPS downloader that was so brilliant, I wouldn’t have to be running off to a windoze vm to use FlashGet.

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