Call me slow on the uptake, but I just started realising how valuable and innovative Dropbox is. 2GB of storage in the free account, and 50GB for $99 a year.

What’s hard to understand is how efficient the software is: we’re on a satellite ISP, and uploading (or for that matter, downloading) is none too quick, but Dropbox very quickly uploaded 1.5GB of my stuff last night. I now have my 1Password data in a private Dropbox folder, and now easily use the same password database on both desktop and laptop. Same with my software documentation folder

When I was an Ubuntu user, I used rsync to do the same thing, but it was a lot of work to set up, and to keep up-to-date. I kept meaning to set rsync up for the Macs, but just kept procrastinating. Now it’s done, and with negligible effort on my part. And it’s cross-platform, so my wife can use the service for her windoze-based Act! customers. And I can use it to easily transfer videos to my elderly – sorry Mum! – Mum in Canada.

Very impressive. Check it out.

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