Mailplane wonderfulness

It’s been some time: some time since I’ve posted, and some time since I’ve been overwhelmed by the goodness of a new – to me – Mac application.

Don’t know how I missed seeing this before, but a post in theAppleBlog turned me on to Mailplane.

There are a number of differences in my day since I left the corporate life a year ago. One of them is that I now use Gmail exclusively, instead of Mac OS X Mail: I found Gmail via Mail rather clunky, and Gmail kept coming out with more good stuff.

But I missed the integration of a Mac desktop app: Mailplane provides that in spades, while retaining the look and feel of Gmail.

Some of the capabilities that Mailplane provides are:

  1. drag and drop of attachments
  2. the option of having Mailplane resize image attachments to make them more email-friendly
  3. drag and drop a file onto the Mailplane icon, and it will create an email with the file attached and immediately start uploading as you complete the details
  4. taking a screenshot and attaching it to the current message: selection, window, or full screen. I use and appreciate SnapNDrag and the associated EasyCrop, but being able to do this within your mail app is very useful
  5. integration with OmniFocus: select some text in your current message, hit a key, and bang! you’re creating an action in OmniFocus
  6. Mailplane URLs: this is killer. Mailplane URLs can be used in any other application to access conversations, searchs, labels, etc. Click on the url in an app, and Mailplane takes you straight to the appropriate Gmail entity

There’s lots more, but that should give you a taste.

The developer, Ruben Bakker, seems very responsive and actively working on further enhancements. Check it out!

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